Steps To Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Most air conditioner owners tend to call their HVAC technicians as soon as they detect any problems with their systems. They call their technicians without checking the issue themselves. To some extent, you can avoid any issues with your air conditioners if you do some small steps yourself regularly.

By doing these steps regularly, you can ensure that your system is free from minor issues and stays clean. Dirty air conditioners are the most prone to issues as dust and dirt can block many unit components. Some steps that you can follow to maintain your air conditioner – 

Unplug The Power Supply

Many owners forget this step and end up harming themselves. Ensure that the central power is off to not get an electric shock while cleaning your system. This small step can save you from major damages.

Remove The Components

Remove the unit’s filter as the first step. When you remove the filter, you will get access to the cooling coils and the screws that hold the unit’s cover. You may need to remove the cover according to the structure of your unit. 

Clean The Cooling Coils

Once you see the cooling coils, clean them with the coil cleaning spray. Do not use any normal cleaning spray as it can harm the surface of the coils. Use the cleaning sprays that are meant for the cooling coils only. This cleaning will remove all the dirt, mold, and dust growing or clinging to the surface of the cooling coils. Ensure that the spray does not go on the wirings of the air conditioner as it can harm them.

Clean The Filter

The filter plays a big role in the HVAC system. The filter blocks out dust, dirt, and pollen grains from entering the system. When the filter is filled with dust, it does not work efficiently and can cause increased allergies to the family members. So, it is necessary to clean the filters frequently, maybe once in a fortnight. 

Clean the filters using water. If the filter smells bad, clean it with detergent. If the filter is so dirty that it cannot be cleaned, replace it with a new one. 

Put Everything Back in Place

Once you have cleaned the coils and filter, put the filter and the cover back to their places. Put the screws in and close the system properly. Switch on your air conditioner with the thermostat at the lowest temperature after 20 minutes. If your system is not cooling efficiently, you may need to repeat these steps or call in for a professional HVAC in Corpus Christi company. There may be a serious underlying problem.

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