How Is Your Air Conditioner?

Not only has an air conditioning unit become one of the most essential elements that need to be installed in homes, but it is also the most expensive one. The cost of its parts makes it necessary for the homeowners to keep track of the health of the air conditioning unit.

The maintenance of the air conditioning unit will not just benefit you by ensuring that your unit lasts longer and works in the best possible condition; it also maintains your and your family’s health.

The inner components of the air conditioning unit need to be cleaned and maintained as much as the outer components so that the quality of air of the room does not deteriorate.

In Any Air Conditioning Unit, The Following Aspects Can Result in Hazardous Effects on the Health of AC and You and Your Family – 

  • Debris 

Depending upon your location, the dust and dirt collected inside the air conditioning unit components may vary. The foliage and debris that builds up around or on the condenser can obstruct the airflow and increase the pressure on the condenser to cool the room. It causes the utilization of more power, but it also declines the health of the condenser.

  • Salt 

People living beside or near coastal regions can face the problem of accumulation of salt on the condenser. It happens because of the humid and salty air. If the salt is left to build upon the surface of the condenser, then it can cause the blades of the fans and coils to corrode and negatively affect the health of the air conditioning unit.

How to Check the Health of the Air Conditioner?

Homeowners can check the health of their air conditioning unit by ensuring that all its components are working impeccably. There are various signs and tells that they can check to confirm the health status of the AC – 

  • Energy Bills

If your energy bill is unexpectedly high or if it is on a rise year after year, then that means that the health of your air conditioning unit is declining with time. Checking the air filter, condenser, etc., can improve the condition.

  • Poor Cooling 

If your AC does not cool the room compared to what it used to, then that means the cooling system is not working as it should.

  • Constant Repair 

If you find that your air conditioning unit needs constant repairs and frequent Corpus Christi air conditioning service, it is a sign that the AC is not working properly.

  • Noises

If strange noises are being produced during the working of the AC, such as a constant whirring or humming sound, then it can be the case that the air filters are not clean.

  • Smells 

When you put on the AC and find that it emits a weird smell, the condensate drain might be clogged.

If you find that your AC shows any of the signs above, call Henderson A/C at (361)-438-0353 for their air conditioning services in Portland, TX, to ensure that it is restored to its proper condition.