What to Do if the AC Compressor is Not Working?

The compressor is an essential part of the air conditioning system that drives the heat out of the room and compresses the refrigerant fluid to maintain the room’s temperature. Therefore, the compressor needs to be maintained appropriately to transfer the heat out of the room efficiently.

Causes Behind Malfunctioning of an AC Compressor

There are various reasons why the AC compressor is not working. You may even find that the fan is running, but the AC compressor is not. The following reasons can cause such a case – 

  • Dirty Filters and Coils

Dirt, dust particles, and debris are collected on the filters, coils, evaporators, etc. The dust and dirt clog the filters and decrease the airflow, causing the evaporator coil to stop functioning. Because of this, the compressor is put under pressure to cool down the room, causing it to overheat and, over time, cause self-damage.

  • Capacitor and Starter Relay

Capacitors and starter relays are the elements used to supply power to the compressor. If the capacitor has stopped working, then you might hear a soft humming sound from the unit. This is because the compressor is trying to access power from a capacitor that is not working anymore.

  • Dead Compressor

The compressor might be faulty or might be malfunctioning because of overheating. In the case of a dead compressor, the only solution is to replace the complete compressor.

  • Power

There can also be chances that if your fan is working, but the AC compressor seems to be malfunctioning, then the compressor is not receiving power. The fan is working because the central unit receives the power, but it is not reaching the outer unit housing. The problem may arise because of faulty wiring connections, a blown fuse, or a tripped circuit breaker.

Troubleshooting When the AC Compressor is Not Working

  • Check for Power

Firstly, check whether the compressor is receiving power or not. Now, if the fuse is blown or if the breaker is tripped, then contact an electrician or HVAC in Corpus Christi to resolve the issue.

  • Capacitors

If the issue is broken capacitors, they need to be replaced with a hard-start capacitor. The unit needs to be tested by AC Company in Corpus Christi to determine whether the capacitor is faulty or not.

  • Start Relays

If during the testing of the system, it is found that the start relays are not working, then a new start relay will need to be installed.

  • Valves

When the valves are broken, the refrigerant remains in a liquid state instead of a gaseous state when it reaches the compressor inlet. In such cases, the compressor may work, but the air conditioning system will not cool the room’s temperature. These broken valves need to be replaced by professionals of AC companies in Portland.

If the compressor is dead or faulty, the only solution is to replace the compressor or the complete AC unit. It would be smart to buy a new air conditioning unit if the cost of replacing the old compressor is more than 50 percent of the cost of a new unit.