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Air Conditioning Service: 4 Insightful Reasons Why You Should Service Your AC

During summer, the temperatures here at Corpus Christi, TX are very unforgiving. The situation worsens when you have a poorly running AC that does not keep up with your needs.

Your AC, just like your automobile and other equipment, require regular service and maintenance to operate optimally. Experts recommend professional cleaning and servicing of your system unit at least once or twice a year.

On the contrary, AC maintenance and repair is last in line for most households until it is too late. Only a handful of people consider servicing their AC’s unless it breaks down.

Neglecting this small but critical task compromises the performance and lifespan of your unit. Only well maintained and well serviced AC systems attain their cooling capacity and lifespan in equal measure.

Benefits of Servicing your Air Conditioner

1. Keeps You Healthy

Clean air is as fundamental as air itself. Therefore, it is critical that you ensure that the air you breathe is free of contaminants and pollutants because most of us spend our time at home or work.

Three to six months is enough time to allow dust and dirt to gather in and around your unit. This results in poor indoor air quality present with bacteria and other contaminants that endanger you to allergies and other breathing problems. You surely don’t want to risk your family and guests’ health, not to mention clients and staff.

2. Extended Lifespan

Regardless of the quality of your Air conditioner, it will easily stall if not adequately maintained. Preventative maintenance and service repairs ensure all parts of your system are clean and functioning efficiently. As a result, your air conditioner remains at the top of its standard and eliminates the risk of your conditioner’s sudden breakdown.

3. Energy Efficiency

Disrepair propels your AC into exorbitant energy consumption. Your energy bills keep on soaring all because of a simple inaction- lack of proper maintenance to your cooling unit. Proper care and consistent servicing allow your unit to run optimally, which translates to energy efficiency and lower electricity costs.

4. Saves You Money

Along with energy savings, a well serviced Air Conditioner saves you the agony of costly repairs that are sometimes sudden and, in worst-case scenarios- premature replacements. These savings may seem small but accrued over time; they are significant amounts of money that could be channeled to more critical issues of your home or business.

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