Air Conditioning Service & Repair In Corpus Christi, TX

With Henderson A/C, we understand that your air conditioning Corpus Christi is an essential piece of your home! In this Texas heat, we can really feel the heat from all sides, so we have the proper training that we’ve had for several years to keep your Corpus Christi home’s air conditioner running beautifully in Corpus Christi.

Henderson A/C offers you quality air conditioner service whenever you need it the most! We will always explain to you all your options before beginning your air conditioner repair so that you can decide what is the best service deal for you!

Our professionals are all licensed and insured to service and repair your air conditioner unit in Corpus Christi, and we guarantee your satisfaction with our work, every time! We are exclusive with every air conditioner repair and hope to provide excellent service to give you absolute confidence in trusting Henderson A/C as your hometown local HVAC system!

Although there are hundreds of reasons why your Corpus Christi central air conditioner needs service, there are a few AC repairs Portland TX that are more common than most. In fact, we hope to help you save more money by already knowing the common air conditioner unit issues that Corpus Christi regularly has.

Know the Common Air Conditioner Problems in Corpus Christi:

  • Air Conditioner Not Starting Up

Confused about why your air conditioner isn’t turning on? Check your air conditioner unit on the outside to investigate if its condenser is running. Make certain that the air conditioner unit is plugged into the socket and ensure that your thermostat is properly set! You can also lower your climate system’s thermostat reading 10 degrees to see if that repairs the problem.

Many thermostats have their own nuances, but it can be as easy as just reading your air conditioner owner’s manual. You should also check your fuse box to confirm that your fuses aren’t blown or circuit breakers are working properly! If these are intact, there may be a bigger problem involving your air conditioner’s compressor, motor or it could even be a frozen coil, in which case, you should contact your Henderson A/C professional to repair your air conditioner unit in Corpus Christi!

  • Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cool Air

When your air conditioner turns on, but it doesn’t blow the cool air you were hoping to, always first check that your thermostat is properly set. In this case, you may be dealing with a blocked air condenser. You can easily clean this yourself by removing any debris or weeds possibly blocking the circulation from your air conditioner unit’s outside air ventilation. If this is already clean, you can check your air conditioner filter.

When the filter is dirty or dated, it can restrict the air to the coil, causing it to freeze. Using your filter frequently can cause a dirty filter, which means you’ve just got to clean it more often. After checking these issues and your air conditioner unit is still not blowing cool air, you likely have a bigger issue with the air conditioner refrigerant or compressor and you’ll need to contact your Henderson A/C HVAC specialists for air conditioner service in Corpus Christi!

  • Air Conditioner Inadequately Cools Your Home

Have you realized that your air conditioner blows cold air at you when you’re standing in front of it, but you’re sweating out in the rest of your home? You likely have an HVAC Corpus Christi whose size is far too small for your home. Consider your home’s air conditioner should be sized to keep your home’s temperature well maintained between a 20-degree temperature difference between both indoor and outdoor temperatures.

On a warm Corpus Christi summer day, your air conditioner unit should be able to cool your entire home, but if it’s not, you may have an issue with your air conditioner unit’s charge or possibly a frozen evaporator coil. Look outside on your outdoor unit, if you see ice, shut off your air conditioner and call for service in Corpus Christi with Henderson A/C!

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We hope to help you with all your HVAC issues and be the air conditioning service company in Corpus Christi that you know you can trust! We spend countless hours on air conditioner repair services in Corpus Christi, so we know what to expect in our beloved town!

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