Furnace & Heating Service and Repair in Corpus Christi, TX

Furnace Repair & Service In Corpus Christi, TX

Is your furnace broken, yet again? Henderson A/C is the furnace repair service you’re needing in Corpus Christi, Texas! We understand that you are hardly ever happy when your furnace needs service and you have to call around to find a furnace repair company in Corpus Christi that you won’t have to call several times in the coming months. Henderson A/C understands the difficultly of having to spend money and constantly spend your nights wondering “what’s wrong with my furnace now?!”

Although the winters here in Corpus Christi hardly account for needing to turn on your furnace heater, rest assured that your furnace will get the full service it needs to run properly as the chilly nights trickle in during our winter season! Our professional furnace experts are constantly resolving HVAC Corpus Christi problems, keeping the community warm on those brisk evenings. We have seen many different types of furnaces to be able to assess the old furnaces you haven’t changed in years to the new shiny brand name furnace. Our licensed professionals at Henderson A/C are prepared to handle all the heating repair services you need in Corpus Christi!

Henderson A/C wants to help you know your furnace!

With Henderson A/C, you can always expect exceptional furnace service in Corpus Christi! After decades of experience handling heating repair in Portland TX, we have noticed several different issues that are common among the community. At Henderson A/C, we are always happy to guide those of you who need assistance without having to constantly call on a furnace specialist for questions. We enjoy being able to help you self-assess your furnace troubles before calling to ensure that you can save money with visits and only call on us when absolutely necessary. These issues can easily be quick fixes or they may need an extra pair of eyes. Either way, Henderson A/C in Corpus Christi is your Furnace Service!

Know the common furnace issues in Corpus Christi

  • Pilot and Ignition Control

Your furnace ignition is a common issue! You may not even realize it’s broken. Once you find the ignition for your furnace’s pilot control, you will be able to find information nearby on how to relight your furnace. If your furnace is a modern system, you likely have a furnace system with one of two ignition controls implemented:

  • Intermittent Pilot System
  • Hot Surface Ignition System

A hot surface ignition system has a heat resistance element that is electronically controlled to ignite your furnace’s burner. An intermittent pilot’s system, electronically controlled as well, uses high voltage to ignite a spark in the gas pilot for the main burners.

  • Clogged and Dirty Furnace Filters

You must remember to replace your filter monthly to enhance the life span and the overall efficiency of your home furnace! This common occurrence of a dirty filter restricts the heat from your furnace to flow through. This creates a thicker filter that your furnace unit will need to work harder to circulate the warm air in your home!

  • Mechanical Depletion

Many different mechanical parts are essential for your furnace service Corpus Christi TX. In order to operate properly, your furnace you must maintain any one of these parts which may have caused the performance issues you are seeing. Even the smallest parts, like bearings or your furnace belts, can quickly cause furnace overheating, improper heating control, and especially fan motor airflow issues. It’s important to know what makes and models your furnace is to ensure that all mechanical parts are well maintained so that you are not stuck with having to replace the whole furnace!

Henderson A/C in Corpus Christi for your Furnace Repair Services!

If you’re having any concerns regarding your furnace, Henderson A/C is more than happy to talk to you about what you can do to repair your furnace in Corpus Christi and the surrounding areas in Texas. By appointment, we can set up a time to meet with you for any of your furnace repair services. When your furnace is ready for service, be sure to contact Henderson A/C as the furnace repair professionals that deliver you efficient service and always leave you a happy customer!